A rock concert becomes a stage for innovation

For the Foo Fighters Sonic Highways Tour, production and lighting designer Dan Hadley retained Stimulated-Inc. to transform video screens into a virtual lighting grid, which synchronized with live music in real time.

“I ended up feeding concepts and sources to Robb Wagner at Stimulated, Inc. and they were great at cultivating those into files that work for us. Stimulated-Inc. is a creative company with a unique, smart, and very effective method of creating and delivering great content. I use them almost exclusively for the Foo Fighters tours. The only time I’ve strayed away I’ve regretted it.”

– Dan Hadley, Foo Fighters Production Designer

Special Thanks: Dan Hadley and Leif Dixon

Michael Jackson becomes a 3D concert event

In addition to overseeing the over-the-top, effects-heavy stage show for his comeback shows at the O2 Arena in London, Michael Jackson completed a mysterious 3D film production known as the “Dome Project” two weeks before his untimely passing. Produced by Stimulated-Inc., the these are the last video pieces from the singer known for creating some of the most acclaimed, elaborate music videos in history.

Kenny Ortega retained Robb for Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It,’ the first-ever 3D concert tour. Fine tuning Michael’s creative direction into an executable vision, Robb’s Stimulated-Inc. team created 3D lm segments whereby the audience would continuously be in awe if Michael was live or merged into the screens, taking optical illusion and imagination to new levels. After the King of Pop’s untimely passing, Sony injected the pre-footage into the ‘This Is It’ feature film.

“Robb – I want to tell you again how much I appreciate the incredible and loving investment you and everyone you invited on to our project made. You accomplished this in spades.“
-Kenny Ortega, Director

A Disney tour becomes a 3D feature film

Disney commissioned Robb Wagner as live directing consultant (DGA) to strategize and execute the plan for the Hannah Montana 3D concert film, capturing the 3D film in real-time. The concert film was designed to satisfy millions of disappointed fans who couldn’t score tickets for the sold-out tour. With Disney’s creative team, director Bruce Hendricks & his Pirates of the Caribbean crew oversaw cinematography, James Cameron’s Pace 3D provided 3D camera expertise and Stimulated-Inc. live directed the production. From months of developing a master script with Hendricks 3D shots mapped & blocked out, Robb led the live 3D digital cinema film-shoot. Principal photography was shot in a single night and the feature became the #2 concert film of all time.

An environmental movement becomes a global messaging event

Live Earth, the biggest international rock event so far — with shows on every continent, including a small one in Antarctica — was presented as an attempt to save the human race from global warming. The concerts were accessible online, on satellite radio and on television, overlapping for more than a full day of music from the Police, Kanye West and Dave Matthews (New Jersey), Madonna (London), Shakira (Hamburg, Germany), Linkin Park (Tokyo), Sarah Brightman (Shanghai) and Vusi Mahlasela (Maropeng, near Johannesburg), among many other stars.