Step 1. Before your system can be turned on…

Please prepare to upload the following items and upload them using the button below.

  1. URL. Your desired url name for yourcompany.biddable.works – what should we replace yourcompany with?
  2. Email. A system email address for your biddable system. We recommend you set up biddable@yourcompany.com.
  3. Admin. At least one all-access admin’s name and email address. The system will auto-generate a password.
  4. Logo. Minimum 400px x 400px .png or .jpg.
  5. Large file server desired password (optional). This password will be used to access our optional large file delivery server, should you choose to use it. The current integration is with MASV (massive.app).


Once this is done we can build and turn on your system.

Step 2. After your system is turned on…

Please prepare to have the following items on hand. We’ll walk you through getting these things set-up during your initial consultation.

  1. Legal language. Deal memo language text that you can paste into your system.

Use the link below to view our recommended instructions. This info gets pasted into the project settings.